PSL Services/STRIVE has many wonderful opportunities for everyone!


STRIVE Classroom



If you are ages 11-14: Check out our Tweens information! You are eligible for Tweens on Friday afternoons & Tweens Vacation Camps

If you are ages 15-24: Check out Camp STRIVE, After School Program, STRIVE Night, & Wednesday Night Educational Series

If you are in high school: Check out STRIVE TOPS!

If you are ages 16 and up: Check out our all new online educational program, STRIVE WorldWIDE, which can be done from anywhere in the world, on any computing device, such as smartphone, tablet, or computer.

If you are ages 18-25: Check out STRIVE U

If you are ages 18 and up: Check out our programs: Next STEP & STRIVE Bayside. Check out our adult services: Case Management, Community Support, Home Support, Mental Health Services

If you are ages 25 and up: Check out STRIVE 25!