The STRIVE program of PSL Services is designed to address the many issues faced by tweens, teens and young adults (ages 11-24) with developmental disabilities. Areas that we focus on include: improving fundamental academic skills, developing leadership potential, improving economic opportunities through continuing education, enhancing or upgrading work skills, integrating literary and social skills into occupational/vocational opportunities, fostering career opportunities through education and training, and promoting peer support for parents and siblings of this young population.

The general long range goals for STRIVE as a whole include:

  • To enable young adults to become a part of their community
  • To offer a wide array of resources to young adults and parents
  • To provide a safe place for young adults with disabilities
  • To provide a social setting for transitional tweens, teens and young adults
  • To build and foster peer support through a social atmosphere
  • To provide a sense of ownership
  • To provide an intro to computer technology for people with disabilities
  • To educate and provide opportunities for high school aged mentors to learn from persons with disabilities
  • To begin literacy programs for persons with disabilities
  • To offer a resource library of post-secondary educational opportunities
  • To begin a job training and placement program
  • To assist parents in working with the established system
  • To have active student mentors working with this population
  • To do preventive work in the areas of smoking, drug, & alcohol abuse
  • To provide valuable life skills