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Mental Health Services

Age Requirements: 18+

Funding Source: PNMI through the State of Maine

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PSL Services/STRIVE offers two residential supported living programs for individuals experiencing a diagnosed chronic major mental illness and who have had a significant history of associated hospitalizations. The overarching goal of our MH programs is to provide the appropriate level, the appropriate frequency, and the specific types of goal centered supports necessary to assist these individuals to:
• Achieve and maintain success living in the community
• Stabilize and improve overall emotional, mental and physical health while working to remain free from recurring hospitalizations
• Feel good about themselves and their place in the world
• Maintain safe, affordable, supportive housing with caring staff to assure that basic daily needs are met

The first of PSL Services/STRIVE’s mental health development is CHESLEY ST., a Westbrook residence where three female consumers make their home (opened in 1998). This program is set up in a “group home” style setting where all three residents share common living areas while renting and maintaining separate bedrooms in a quiet and safe residential neighborhood. This program is staffed 24/7 with awake overnight staffing (all MHRT-1/CRMA Certified) who:
• Provide daily medication management and administration
• Monitor/support changes in mental health status, medical issues, hygiene, and eating habits
• Support the individual’s goal plan - helping to maintain and develop skills of daily living
• Are committed to the concept of ‘aging in place,’ (w/in the limits of mandated safety guidelines)
• Provide regular transportation services to residents for shopping, appointments, outings, etc.

Our WALL ST. development is a supportive living housing complex in Portland consisting of eight (separate but attached) units serving 10 men and women living in their own fully functional apartments. These apartments are rented individually by the residents and are under lease agreement through a separate property management company. This program is also staffed 24/7 and all staff are MHRT-1/CRMA Certified. Wall St. also offers:
• A daily community meal program with resident participation/interaction
• A large community room to enjoy companionship while sharing games, TV, music, etc.
• A low-cost, coin-operated laundry room is available just beyond the common area for residents

Comprehensive treatment plans are developed for each resident/tenant upon move-in and are reviewed quarterly/annually thereafter. Known as Individualized Service Plans (ISPs) within the mental health system, these support plans are developed to help identify both short and long-term goals and serve to outline the specific action steps and supports necessary to achieve them.