STRIVE WorldWIDE Testimonials


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Student Testimonials

I feel like it’s helped me a lot and I’ve come a long way! Really it’s been a pleasure being part of this program and I love it.

I like STRIVE WorldWIDE because I can get more information so I can become a wiser person. I love class!

I think it is a lot of fun because we get to learn new things and learning new things is really fun!

I feel so proud of myself and I’m very happy with all the support I got from STRIVE to get me to where I am now. All these great people like you guys are always on my side and I really appreciate all of you and thank you for helping me to get to where I am today.

I’m just glad to be able to hang out with you guys as much as I can for the last couple years since my grandmother got me onto here. It has been a wonderful journey for how I’ve been going on throughout my life. Even through all the ups and downs, you guys always looked out for me and I couldn’t be happier to be around wonderful friends.

It was really fun doing this class. I think the teachers were really great telling us what to do. I learned how to use a check and how to use my ATM and a cool budget app on my phone. Thank you for teaching me.

 Parent & Caregiver Testimonials

[Student] is gaining confidence and participates more now than he did the first course. In his entire academic life, he has seldom been asked to complete some of the formats that are given, and he is thriving. While his school was adaptable and some teachers really introduced him to these topics, none of them actually asked him questions or challenged what he was actually capable of learning. We are enjoying seeing this adult side of [student]that gives us hope and happiness for a lifetime of learning

-Parent of Student

[Student] truly loved the class with Sara.  He was intimidated, as he usually is, when he feels he is the center of attention.  For that reason, he didn’t speak much (until the end when he volunteered to perform on the piano, as you know!  Crazy kid!).  I could tell he greatly enjoyed the class and that it was empowering for him.  Somedays he would comb his hair in order to look good before class, and he would announce to us that he had class all day before class began.  Thanks so much for providing this opportunity for John and others.  You are truly amazing people, with an amazing vision. You are, after all, the master guru who somehow got him relaxed enough to want to play the piano in front of the entire class after 4 weeks of being mute!  You have a way.

-Parent of Student

When I first heard of the possibility of this on-line course endeavor, I was a naysayer. I never thought he would love it.  He does love it.  It is VERY visual and VERY hands-on. The forum provides for such positive feedback--More than I imagine he ever received in a high school classroom.  The way you acknowledge the students' responses provides such positive reinforcement for staying engaged and active during the seminar.  I never imagined [student] could feel so connected to the instructors.  It was interesting when we missed one seminar and had to watch the recording.  I could see what a disappointment it was for [student] not to feel like an active part of the discussion.  As a result, he now finishes up his basketball games at 6:35 p.m. on Tuesdays and hurries me out of the gym to get home to his seminar...DID NOT expect that!

-Parent of Student & Steering Committee Member

I wanted to send out a sincere ‘thank you’ for the summer sessions - they were amazing! I had the opportunity to listen and see the content (on occasion) and it was incredibly beneficial. Also, your interaction with [student] and [student] was was incredible. Thank you so much for taking the time to put this together, I’ll be sending a letter to my local school district advocating for this program! Please share our thanks with everyone at STRIVE.

-Parent of Student 

It's impossible to overstate what a lifeboat Strive has been for [student] these last few weeks. He's always made it very clear to us how much he loves all of your programs. For years he has looked forward to each Friday night like he's going to prom. The programming you provide with SWW is so meaningful- he actually has time management as a goal on his IEP! We truly appreciate the opportunity to take part in your pilot program and to complete the personal safety course again. We'll look forward to seeing you again in a couple of weeks! 

-Parent of Student 

This learning platform offers an opportunity to learn beyond high school…. Something she has always longed for but thought she would never be able to experience. She is glowing. So needed. So appreciated. Thank you!

-Parent of Student 

[Student] absolutely loves this class platform. It’s such a great opportunity for her to keep learning. Her whole confidence level has gone up. Thanks so much all you do to make this happen!

-Parent of Student 

I thought it was appropriate to pass along this feedback to the entire Steering Committee so that you can hear a bit of what is happening and benefiting STRIVE members at this time. My son, [student], is enrolled in the STRIVE TOPS program.  Without missing a beat, on Wednesday of last week, STRIVE had an on-line class up and running using the STRIVE WORLDWIDE platform.  Sara Brown and Kelly Frey are my new heroes.  They hold on-line live classes three hours each day.  These students are kept on a good schedule, see their classmates and their teachers daily, know their assigned homework...They are LEARNING A TON!  Beyond the course topics of Personal Safety and now Self-Advocacy, Sara and Kelly are now implementing some more fluid Social and Emotional Talk time with fun virtual activities incorporated.  For example, yesterday they did drawing with an online instructor, today they will be having an at-home scavenger hunt, and tomorrow afternoon will include a cooking session.

-Parent and Steering Committee Member

When I hear the way these teachers speak to their students, react to their students' concerns, treat them with such respect, teach to the varying abilities, show up with energy and enthusiasm every session, I count my blessings for sure.  Once again, STRIVE is ahead of the curve and doing such an incredible job for these STRIVE members.

-Parent of Student & Steering Committee Member (during first round of the pandemic, utilizing STRIVE WorldWIDE for TOPS program to ensure smooth transition to online learning)

I have to tell you guys a funny STRIVE Worldwide success story...

[Student]'s team was playing Yarmouth (arch rival) in basketball last week, very intense situation for my very competitive son.  At half-time he disappeared and wasn't warming up with his team, etc., and he came back before the second half began with his phone in hand which he, of course, hadn't had on the bench with him before.  I was pretty annoyed.  Was he in the locker room texting?  Looking up hockey scores?  I was not pleased.  Well, as it turns out, he had been very stressed out in the first half and had gone into the locker room to use his Insight Timer app!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  To meditate!  I don't know if he was planning on using it on the bench and that's why he brought it out...I did not ask!

In any event, the game ended in a tie and then they decided to do a 30 second over time…[student] scored a buzzer beater basket to win the game and let me tell you, he was psyched!

If you look back at his final assessment, meditation was the piece he felt least connected to...NOT ANY MORE I SUSPECT!  He's now a believer!

-Parent of Student 

Hey, Sara:

I just wanted to check in and let you know AGAIN what a great job I am watching you and Rebecca do.  I specifically wanted to write and let you know how amazed I am that you are still acknowledging the students' chat responses.  As the number of attendees rose, I fully expected that you would not be able to do that.  I watch [student] type and hit ENTER and wait to see that you guys "see" it on your end.  That acknowledgement is huge, and I expect that the other attendees feel the same.  I just think you do such a great job with this and FILL SUCH A GAP THAT WE COULDN'T HAVE FILLED ANYWHERE ELSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Participating in this class is a confidence-booster for [student], and quite probably for all of your students. 

-Parent of Student (to instructor)

Dear Sara

Thank you so very much for your thoughtful words. [Student] was experiencing a “stuck in the feelings” kind of morning today. Your message went right to her heart. As [student’s] Mom I struggle sometimes to help in such an impactful way. I’m just Mom and my words can be like yesterdays old news. You, Rebecca, and Anne have been such a gift. [Student] has just blossomed.

-Parent of Student (to instructor)

Agency & School Testimonials

The Office of Aging and Disability Services (OADS) has worked collaboratively with STRIVE and Peregrine Corp as it developed programs, services, and support to meet the needs of people in Maine with disabilities. STRIVE WorldWIDE is an important and welcome addition to our state’s offerings. STRIVE’s 20+ years of experience and curriculum of teaching independent living skills at locations in Cumberland County, Maine is proposed to be shared and used by people living across the State, meeting the needs of rural areas. OADS is excited that Peregrine Corp is working to reach out to people and their families throughout Maine and get this needed service to those who can benefit from it. 

-Office of Aging and Disability Services (OADS)

[Student] seems to be truly enjoying it! It is a great starting point to gain some skills while waiting for her waiver offer. I’m fascinated with the concept of the program and have highly recommended it for others based on what I have seen.

-Adult Case Manager

STRIVE WorldWIDE offers a unique opportunity to adults with disabilities who would like to continue their education after high school. Oftentimes there are wait lists for adult services, access to STRIVE WorldWIDE is immediate, without IQ or testing requirements. In addition, this opportunity is accessible region wide, state wide, rural and urban, and beyond. STRIVE WorldWIDE opens doors for continuing education and social connectedness for people who are striving for consequential next steps after high school. 

-Southern Maine Advisory Council on Transition

The best part was that it was a virtual presentation which meant they could be super flexible about the time and I would imagine that allows for greater equity for [students] and adults who cannot travel to a location and can participate from their home and even from their smartphone!  Also, as the sessions are recorded, 'students' can access them anytime, revisit any portion of the workshop or practice the skills again and again!  They use closed captioning, click to listen, speech to text and a whole bunch of other great assistive technologies to make these workshops ultra-accessible!

-Special Ed Coordinator

I really appreciate how timely and well-organized everything was, especially when the presenters said they had "back-up plans" for the games in case anything went awry. As a virtual and in-person teacher this year, back-up plans are a necessity. As an attendee, it was nice to hear that the presenters were so prepared.

-Special Ed Teacher (re: professional presentation done by STRIVE WorldWIDE)