Registering for courses is a quick and easy 3-step process!

Step 1: Decide if you like to sign up for a single course or subscribe to all STRIVE WorldWIDE Courses

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Single Course Option: Sign up and pay for each course individually. Courses are $299 each. This option allows you to sign up on a course-by-course basis.

Subscription Option: Sign up to pay a monthly subscription of $160 and take all of the courses offered by STRIVE WorldWIDE. This will give you 25%+ off the tuition. The discount was based on 9 courses/year we originally had scheduled, though we have already added more classes and will likely continue to do so throughout the year, which means the more classes we add, the bigger the discount for you!

Step 2: Create an account.

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To register for a single course, create an account at STRIVE.TalentLMS.COM

To subscribe to all courses, create an account at 365-STRIVE.TalentLMS.COM

You will be prompted to put in your information and create a username and password.

Step 3: Register and pay for the course(s)

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Select a course from the course catalog and choose either "Get this course" for a single course, or "subscribe" for a subscription. You will be prompted to put in payment information. If you are subscribing, you will only have to put in your payment information once and can register for all the courses available.

Registration Directions

To create an account, use this link to sign up for a single source OR use this link to subscribe to all courses

Register for a single courseSubscribe to all courses

Click on Sign up at the bottom of the login page (if you don't already have an account).

STRIVE WorldWIDE Sign Up page

Enter your information and click Create Account

STRIVE WorldWIDE Create and Account Page

Click on either Get your first course or Course Catalong (both will bring you to the same page)

STRIVE WorldWIDE Get Your First Course or Course Catalog

Find the course you are interested in. If you chose the single course option, it will say Get this course with a price of $299. If you chose the subscription model, it will say Subscribe for a monthly fee of $111. When you click on either option, it will direct you to the payment information. Once you enter the payment details, you will be enrolled!

STRIVE WorldWIDE course options


STRIVE WorldWIDE Refund Policy
We hope that you will love your experience with STRIVE WorldWIDE, but should something prevent you from completing a course, our refund policy is as follows:
Single Course

Prior to the start date of the course: 100% refund

First week of course: 50% refund

After the first week of the course: No refund


Cancelled Subscription

You will be charged for the current month

You will lose access to courses and will not be charged going forward