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STRIVE U Tuition/Financial Contribution

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Complete program cost per student per year:

Maine Residents* $13,667.00
Non Maine Residents $65,013.00

Tuition includes: food, housing, utilities, Southern Maine Community College classes, internet, cable TV, and spending money.

Most all of our students receive social security and use all of that towards their tuition, which typically covers almost half of the total. Additionally, the goal for students is that they will have paid employment during their two years and those work wages can also be used toward tuition. Many students come in to STRIVE U with scholarships that they have been awarded and those, too, may be used. We do have a small scholarship that students apply for that can be used after they have entered the program. There is also a low interest loan program with Bangor Savings Bank.

Students must have the first year completely paid before they can begin the second year. The second year must be completely paid before graduation.

*Lived in Maine for 12 consecutive months, for purposes other than education. Proof may be required.


For more information, please contact  (207) 774-6278 or email: