STRIVE Rocks Fundraiser Facts

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How much do I have to raise?

Each participant must raise $20 in order to receive the link to join STRIVE Rocks All Night. If you raise $25 you will receive a special edition STRIVE Rocks ALL NIGHT t-shirt. Remember, the Participants who raise the most money can win great prizes! Get started today!


Is STRIVE a creditable non-profit?

Yes!  All donations to the STRIVE Rocks are tax-deductible. Our tax-exempt ID Number is: 01-0473116.  Please contact Whitney Wildes for all receipts at 207-774-6278 or


Who should I ask?

You should ask people you know.  Friends, family, and relatives are a good place to start.  It is a good idea to explain a little bit about what you are doing, why it is important to you, and who it is going to benefit!


How do I collect the money?

-Ask donors electronically! Create a fundraising page by following the instructions on the next page. Share your efforts on social media or by email.

-Consider making it your own by adding a ridiculous challenge that will entice others to donate (think ice-bucket challenge!). If you’d like to complete your challenge at the STRIVE Rocks event (depending on approval from the STRIVE team), please email to coordinate!

-Send out letters to your friends and family, particularly if they are known to love cards and snail mail! When you send out letters, try to include an envelope with your address and a stamp on it already, to make it easy to return a donation to you. 


Who should checks be made out to?

All checks should be made out to STRIVE.


When can I bring in my money?

You can mail any physical donations to STRIVE. Please be sure to put your name so we know who's fundraising account to credit it to.
Below are mailing details:



Attn: Whitney Wildes

28 Foden Road

South Portland, ME 04106