STRIVE Rocks Frequently Asked Questions

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Do participants have to raise money?

  • Each participant must raise a minimum of $100. If you are registering after March 31st, you must raise $125.


What does the money I raise go towards?

  • The money raised goes to benefit STRIVE, a nonprofit located in South Portland that serves tweens, teens and young adults (ages 11-24) with developmental disabilities. STRIVE relies on fundraisers, like STRIVE Rocks to continue offering programs to over 1,000 young adults in Maine with developmental disabilities.


Is there an age limit to participate in the STRIVE Rocks Weekend at the Cross Insurance Arena?

  • No. STRIVE Rocks is a family friendly event. There is no age limit to be a participant.


Will there be security on site?

  • Yes. STRIVE has a contract with the Cross Insurance Arena that will provide a security team for the entire 12 hours. There will be staff monitoring entrances and exits through the event. All STRIVE staff are CPR certified. This is a heavily staffed event, which will include STRIVE staff, volunteers and parents. We want every participant at STRIVE Rocks to have fun and feel safe, so please remember that this is a chem-free event. Anyone that brings illegal substances to the event will be asked to leave, no questions asked.


Can my parent/ guardian/ school advisor come?

  • Sure! Parents & school advisors are welcome to come to the event to support you, however they will need to sign in and are asked to hang out in a special “Friends & Family” section that is located off the dance floor. Visitors are not allowed to participate in any STRIVE Rocks activities, including taking advantage of the provided drinks and snacks.


Do I have stay for the entire 12 hours?

  • No. You may stay for as long as you like, BUT once you leave the Cross Insurance Arena, you will not be allowed back in. There is no re-admittance to STRIVE Rocks! Please arrange your rides in advance.


  • We challenge you and your friends to stay all 12 hours and celebrate the hard work you have done preparing for STRIVE Rocks and cheer on your friends throughout the night. Plus you won’t want to miss any of the hourly activities or the awards ceremony at the conclusion of STRIVE Rocks! Stay all 12 hours receive a 2020 STRIVE Rocks Medal!