STRIVE Rocks 2021 Registration and Fundraising page setup


  1. First, you’ll complete registration form here:
  2. After completing the registration form, next you’ll need to create a Kindful account, as shown in screenshot below.

    Please fill out your email, First Name, Last Name, and a Password you’d like to set for the account. Please check the box, to agree to Kindful Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Then click on the “I’m not a robot” button, and then click Submit.


Next you’ll be brought to this screen. Click on Continue button.







1.       Here you can set your goal that you’d like to raise for STRIVE Rocks this year. You can stick with the default $30, or you can make it as high as you’d like!

Under Fundraiser name, enter your name (or the names of anyone else you’re fundraising with!)

You can write a short mission statement, explaining why you want people to sponsor your STRIVE Rocks fundraising page.

You can leave event date blank (it will default to May 7th 2021, the start of STRIVE Rocks).




Next, you can choose your customizations of your fundraising page! You can choose your color, and upload a profile picture of yourself as well.

Under “Set your Feature Image/Video,” you can upload an image or a video of yourself asking your friends and family to donate! You can even upload this video of yourself to Youtube, or Vimeo, and then post it to Kindful from there.

Once you’ve customized your fundraising page, you’re ready to share the link on Twitter or Facebook to invite others to help you fundraise! You can also click to view your page you have completed.

From here, click on the “View Your Page” button (shown in red)

Then, once you are on the back-end of your page, click on the “Public Page” button (shown in red)


Once you’re on the public side of your page, copy and paste the URL/link (shown in red) to share your link on social media or via email to your family and friends!