Advisory Board

Responsibilities The Advisory Board:

  • Brainstorms ideas and voting on theme nights
  • Plans and gets involved with weekend outings & fundraisers.
  • Talks about problems related to STRIVE
  • Represents STRIVE members when asked to do so.
  • Promotes respect to all STRIVE members and staff at all STRIVE related events.
  • Welcomes new members to STRIVE nights!

Officers and their roles

  • President - Dillon: The President runs Advisory Board meetings and calls on people before they can talk. The President is responsible for making sure the agenda is ready and that the meetings start and end on time. The President represents the Advisory Board when asked to do so.
  • Vice President - Hayden: The Vice President takes the responsibilities of the President's job when the President is not present. If the President leaves the Board, then the Vice President becomes the President.
  • Treasurer/Event Coordinator - Jaheim: The Treasurer works with the STRIVE staff to count the money that the Advisory Board collects during fundraisers. The Treasurer also helps to publicize fundraising events and takes the lead in event planning.
  • Secretary - Jakob: The Secretary takes notes during the Advisory Board meetings and distributes them to the STRIVE staff. The Secretary also lets people know about meetings and publicizes upcoming events.
  • Inclusion Officers – Madeleine, Lucas, Mary, Lynn: The Inclusion Officers responsibility is to ensure a positive and fun experience for new member of STRIVE Night. Inclusion Officers are to give tours to the new members, introduce them to current members, and make them feel welcomed.

Meetings Advisory Board meetings happen on Zoom on the last Friday of the month at 5:30 PM.

Constitution The Advisory Board may change its constitution by majority vote.
The outgoing Advisory Board organizes elections for the next Board and the newly elected Board conducts elections for officers.