Transition Outcomes Program for Students

STRIVE established TOPS in September 2015. It is designed especially for students who are in their 5th and 6th year of high school, known as their post-graduate years. This ground breaking transition program supports students to generalize learned skills to new settings as well as acquire additional independent living skills. TOPS provides opportunities for students to increase their independence in the community, prepare the student to transition to increase their independence in the community, prepare the student to transition to post-graduate occupations such as post-secondary education, employment, adult services and more. This program will also offer experiences that will promote socialization with other students from the greater Portland area.

Meeting the Maine Department of Education’s standards as a contracted service provider, STRIVE TOPS will offer part-time and full-time program options for students from area school districts Monday through Friday based out of our newly renovated building. Approval into the program must be done through each student’s districts and discussed at IEP meetings.

Sample Daily Schedule:
7:50-8:00am Student Arrival
8:00-8:15am Transition into the classroom: Complete Timesheet
8:15-9:00am Instructional/ Classroom Time (ex. banking, accessing transportation, budgeting)
9:00-9:50am Community-based Learning
9:50-10:05am Reflection, Classroom Job, Finish Timesheet
10:30-11:00am AM Group Departs and PM Group Arrives - Structured Independent Learning
11:05-11:25am Lunch with peers
11:25-12:10pm Instructional/Classroom Time (ex. nutrition, safety, wellness)
12:00-1:10pm Community-based Learning (ex. volunteering, structured wellness activity)
1:10-1:30pm Reflection, Classroom Job, Finish Timesheet
1:30pm Students Depart

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For more information, please contact Kelly Frey, STRIVE TOPS Transition Specialist at (207) 774-6278 ext. 218 or

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