STRIVE Rocks Fundraising Tips

1. Know these facts about STRIVE:
  • STRIVE supports tweens, teens, and young adults, ages 11-24 with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
  • STRIVE provides social, educational, employment training, and collegiate programs.
  • STRIVE currently works with over 950 members throughout southern Maine!
  • STRIVE has to raise 80% of its budget each year, through events and fundraising.

2. Know your story

  • Why are you involved? How many years have you been participating? Do you have stories from prior years?

3. Set a personal or team goal

  • "I want to raise a minimum of $100/$125 or higher for this event!" or have each person on your team raise a minimum of $100/$125 or higher to maximize your total amount raised.

4. Make your own gift/pledge or sponsor yourself first

5. Brainstorm your list of people to ask

  • Think of all your possible contacts - family members, friends, teachers, co-workers, or others who respect and like you.
  • Share your MobileCause page on your social media accounts.

6. Send out an introductory explanation via email or letter and share your MobileCause page on your social media accounts

  • Let people know that you will be participating for STRIVE ROcks, why it is important and that you will be coming to see them to ask for their support.

7. Follow-up with everyone you contacted... and more!

  • Meet face to face with as many people as possible.
  • Start with the "easiest" asks first. Use these asks as a way to perfect your story and then build your success from here.

8. Start asking for support early! Don't wait until the last minute

  • Plan to have all of your pledges in by a certain date.

9. Remember: Have fun, this is worth it!

  • Feel good that you're doing this for a great organization that needs and appreciates your help! Celebrate your success!